Asphalt and Concrete Inc Case Study

Achieving Predictable Margins with PROcru

About Asphalt and Concrete Inc

ACI Asphalt & Concrete, Inc. has been a mainstay in the pavement maintenance industry for over 25 years, serving locations across Minnesota & Wisconsin. Despite their extensive experience, the company was facing critical challenges in operational efficiency and financial metrics. They needed a comprehensive tool to improve multiple facets of their business.

The Challenge

While ACI had the experience, they lacked the tools to effectively track key metrics. They specifically wanted to monitor: The accuracy of estimates vs actuals in their bidding process The productivity of their on-site crews
Justin Pomerleau
Chief Executive Officer
"We have been using PROcru for years to track and improve productivity in all aspects of our business"

The PROcru Solution

ACI turned to PROcru, using the platform for years to dramatically improve productivity across all business sectors. From precise proposal building to streamlined scheduling and beyond, PROcru provided the all-in-one solution that ACI was seeking.
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The Outcome

Thanks to PROcru, ACI witnessed transformative changes: Increased Sales: An astounding 300% increase in sales year-over-year Enhanced Bidding: Sales representatives have become more effective and accurate in their bidding processes Customer Retention: The integrated CRM has boosted customer retention rates by keeping the sales team updated on customer behaviors and needs Cost Savings: By tracking previously unmonitored financial metrics, ACI managed to identify and eliminate costly inefficiencies