Tibbs Paving Case Study

Tibbs Paving Increases Profitability with PROcru

About Tibbs Paving

Tibbs Paving has been a leading name in pavement maintenance for years. Located in Manassas, VA they’ve taken on projects ranging from small repairs to large-scale installations

The Challenge

Before adopting PROcru, Tibbs Paving was operating with fragmented systems, using Excel sheets and QuickBooks for various business operations. This led to inefficient tracking of true costs and margins, and impeded their growth.
Tim Reed
"PROcru is a comprehensive and customizable system that, if implemented properly, will undoubtedly make your business more profitable and organized. We love our PROcru"

The PROcru Solution

After a two-year adoption period, PROcru became an integral part of the company’s operations. Employees, from crew members to sales associates, now have easy access to essential job information. Real-time reporting features have become indispensable in guiding business decisions, from cost analysis to scheduling.
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The Outcome

With PROcru, Tibbs Paving has achieved double-digit profitability. Their operations have become more streamlined, and they’ve seen significant gains in efficiency and organization. Most importantly, the software has played a crucial role in informing capital expenditure decisions and improving their marketing efforts.