Maximizing Efficiency: The Role of Time Tracking Software in Construction

time tracking software

Profit might be the big goal for a business. But the engine driving that is productivity. Having an efficient team that’s using their time effectively is the ultimate endgame of any dedicated construction team.

So where does that work begin? It starts with having the right tools, like time tracking software. Here is how to maximize efficiency in construction and how time-tracking tools can help you do that.

Time Tracking Supports Your Project Management Team

Time tracking is fundamental to any project management team. It helps a project manager keep track of each task and whether it’s running to schedule. If a project task is running behind, a project manager can use that information in two ways.

First, it can help them improve the accuracy of task estimation in the future, which makes other project schedules more reliable.

Second, the project manager can intervene immediately. It helps minimize the impact before the problem worsens.

For example, they can decide to add more resources to that task. Or it might mean chatting with the team to get to the bottom of the problem, like a construction problem that needs more expert attention.

It Improves the Productivity of Your Team

Concrete construction teams can use time tracking to see how they spend their day. That is the first step to uncovering productivity improvements.

Time tracking helps spot patterns, and it’s more reliable and accurate than trying to assess these things from memory.

It also helps spot high-level issues that could hamper productivity, such as whether team allocations work well.

Moving one person to a different task can sometimes be a small change but with a big productivity impact.

Time tracking also helps to pinpoint the most inefficient areas of the business. That way, team leaders can focus on resolving the underlying cause.

Time Tracking Is Essential for Efficient Cost Management

Tracking construction costs isn’t always straightforward and can become time-consuming for your team. That’s why time-tracking software can help boost efficiency.

It automates many of the processes that you’d have to do manually to oversee a construction budget. So you won’t have to spend hours entering numbers into a complex spreadsheet.

Time-tracking software also makes it easier to track costs at a more granular level, leading to better accuracy. You can create reports on how much each aspect of construction costs, which helps you make savings.

Plus, getting precise information on your spending in construction will help improve how you estimate budgets for future projects.

More Efficient Billing Processes

When you are billing a client, you want to know two things. First, you need to know that you have data accuracy. Second, you need reassurance that you can get the billing done quickly.

That’s where time-tracking software can help.

For example, you can run a report to look at time spent over a specific period or the costs of a significant project milestone. And you can do all that without spending hours or days crunching the data.

That means you have an easy and efficient way to create an invoice for your customer and send that invoice out on time. That, in turn, means clients are more likely to pay promptly and keep your cash flow looking healthy.

It Helps Your Team Stay Accountable

Keeping a construction project efficient only happens if everyone does their bit. So, maintaining teams accountable for the time they spend and the work they complete will help things run more smoothly.

When someone has to log their time spent, it’s an excellent chance to reflect on it. And it’s easier to do that via software because you can see all the information on one screen.

So employees can note any minor issues and look at ways to get things done more efficiently.

That information can also help in one-to-one and performance reviews. And you can use it to give out rewards and bonuses to teams with exceptional performance results.

Better Decision Making

Decision-making happens best when you have facts and data to back it up. Without it, decisions often occur on the fly when something goes wrong. And that’s not optimal.

Time-tracking software will give you a wealth of data at your fingertips. So it can improve your decision-making on construction projects. You can decide based on costs, resource allocation, or project planning.

Through project monitoring, you can spot trends and use that to make decisions about plans instead of being caught by surprise later in the project.

Ultimately, having accurate data in front of you means you and your team are ready for anything that comes your way.

It Supports Legal Requirements

An efficient construction project might be about having a productive and organized team. But it’s also about other factors too, such as labor laws.

You don’t want to be in the middle of a project and have to put it on hold because you have inadvertently broken a labor law, such as maximum hours worked without rest. So, time-tracking can help here.

It will help you keep on top of any regulatory requirements. You can avoid potential litigation that could cost money, damage your reputation, and put a vital construction project on hold.

It Integrates Your Most Important Data

When running a project, it helps to have all your information in one place. After all, swapping between screens and systems will only slow you down. A time-tracking software solution like Procru has been built with this in mind.

It’s comprehensive and will help you work on all aspects of your concrete construction, like estimating work allocation and financials.

So it helps keep you efficient. It means you can spend less time on admin and more on making your project profitable.

Time Tracking Software: the Best Way to Manage Your Projects

Don’t think of time tracking as an admin task. It’s much more, and it’s central to the running of a project. Time tracking software is the easiest and most efficient way to keep on top of what’s happening each day, week, and month.

PROCru was created by industry professionals who wanted a business management solution to meet the demands of the construction industry. Book a demo to discover the features of PROcru and how our comprehensive software can make a difference to your next project.

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